Isagenix Day 1 of 11

Pre-Cleanse Day 1

Today is my first day on Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse. I have to get used to these shakes. I know they aren’t going to taste like a Wendy’s frosty but I have quite aquired the taste for protein shakes either.  So far, I am not hungry. I have had a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch. In between I have had these things called “Snacks”. They are little chocolate flavored wafers that keep you satisfied. I also have been taking a Isagenix supplement and breakfast and lunch.

Why am I doing this you ask?? I am trying to get all the crap out of my body and this seems to be the best thing I have found so far without completely doing a juice fast for a week. Everything in the product is organic and the protein is from some happy cows in New Zealand. I am happy that my Bodybugg says my protein is perfect. Which I have been struggling with the last week or so. Maybe that is what is keeping me so full?


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