These here, are my runnin’ shoes.

Day 11

I bought some running shoes today. I never thought I would step into a running store. I did and yes, I felt uncomfortable. I have never ran 1 mile in my life, EVER. I didn’t the mile during school because of my asthma. Then came 2 ACL knee surgeries, one on each knee. This is just one of those things on my bucket list. To RUN a mile. I figured I might as well make it 7 and do Bloomsday. I think I have lost my mind.

Today is last day of the 9 day program. I will take my measurements and weight tomorrow and then continue onto the 30 day program. I have to say this program is tough BUT if you set your mind to it, you will see and feel amazing. I feel like I “woke up”. I feel powerful over what I place into my mouth. I don’t have cravings anymore. My kids can eat coffee cake and donuts and I can take it or leave it. I don’t obsess anymore. (The first 6 days of the program I thought I was going to lose my mind) but the greatest part of this program for me has been how generally HAPPY I am. It could be the B vitamins or maybe its the protein. I wonder if they put some hemp in this stuff??? Cause yes, I am that happy. See you tomorrow with the results.


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