Man’s Point of View.

Day 10 of 30 Day Cleanse

Korey, my husband, has decided to hop on the wagon with me. He has noticed first hand my energy and my mood improve and he has decided to try it himself. I cannot wait to see how he feels in the next couple days. He just finished the 2 pre-cleanse days and is going to cleanse while he is working. This should be a huge challenge since he is a railroader and is up for 24 hours or so depending on the shift. I am excited to hear his opinion of Isagenix.

Today I was grumpy. I had my fair share of IsaDelights and Snacks. I had some herbal tea throughout the day because it is freaking cold here. I made it through the day without raiding the donuts in the pantry or the leftover Halloween candy above the fridge. One more shake day tomorrow and then a 2 day cleanse. What should I make for dinner? Hmmm.


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