Happy Thanksgiving.

Day 16 of 30 Day Cleanse

Korey is home today. So far anyways. He may even be here at 3:30pm when we go to my sisters house for Thanksgiving dinner. I am holding my breath because NOTHING is set in stone when you work for the railroad.

Korey is home, so I got to go workout this morning. The gym was busy with people doing cardio for the big day. I got to watch the snow fall (it hasn’t let up since I woke up), the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and sweat my ass off. I’ve had my 2 shakes and now I am READY for turkey!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and I will see you tomorrow evening. I have some shopping to do.


BTW:: There was this dude working out about 2 inches from me on the right hand side. I bet he thought I was a crazy lady taking pictures of myself at the gym. Then to add the skipping on top of it …. Im such a dork. That does explain the half ass smile though.


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