Korey’s Results Are In!

Day 21 of 30 Day Cleanse.

Korey finished the 9 day cleanse and lost 7lbs. and 7 inches. Now I have to tell you he didn’t follow the program exactly. He didn’t eat the 400-600 calorie dinner (it was much more) and he did snack in between shakes and he didn’t finish the last cleanse day. He does admit to me that he does have more energy and the shakes help him with his crazy schedule. He was impressed that he lost that kind of weight through Thanksgiving. I am proud he stuck with it and he is taking his shakes with him tonight for work.

The thing I love about the IsaLean Shakes is that it gives you a PERFECT organic meal. It would take me time and money to make a perfect meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The shakes are perfect balance between carbs, protein and nutrients. My little Body Bugg tells me I need 70g of protein a day and with the  23g of protein for each shake and a protein at dinner I am finally making my Body Bugg happy.


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