Menu Plan Monday

Here is the menu for Christmas week.

Monday: Cleanse Day: Kids at Grandmas
Tuesday: Thai Chicken Pasta
Weds: Pork Chops with this yummy sauce from Costco. Hot Crash Potatotes
Thursday: Friends House. Night off!
Friday: Christmas Eve at my parents. Fondue!
Saturday: Christmas Appetizers and Drinks with the in laws
Sunday: Leftovers


For more meal ideas check out this junkie.


The Jeans.


I just fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans this morning. I am back at pre-pregnancy weight too! FINALLY. I am back to a happy place. I am now going to work on my before Princess T cute butt jeans. Cleanse day today and I had my first rough one. All I wanted was chex mix and cookies. Devil I tell you. I won’t be sad when all this butter and sugar leave my house. Everyone have a great week.

I got the green light!

I have a few quick minutes to update everyone .

My whole family is sick with this nasty cold/flu deal. We are talking nasty coughs, temps, runny poop you get the gist. I feel like crap but I am functioning (how is the house going to run if I go down?) my other half is dead on the couch. I don’t think he has moved much the last couple days. I am praying this is long gone for all the Christmas fun next week. I also hope that I don’t get any worse. King Daddy goes out of town tomorrow.

Next on the list.
Its a GO!

I can officially start running!!
My form is correct and I got the green light. I am excited and a little nervous.



You see, when I see players blow out their ACL and roll around on the ground…
I get sick to my stomach.



What is your ACL?
Here is what happened to my ACL in both knees.



and the “Terminator” knee braces for both knees.
(Not my legs…. I may be a hippie but not THAT kind of hippie!)



The pain of tearing your ACL goes right into your stomach and you feel like you are going to lose your breath and puke at the same time. This is the fear I have deep inside my mind and something I NEVER want to go through again. I need to get this thought out of my head and realize that my body is amazing and will do amazing things if I just work on it. This month I will also be working on my posture (I am the Hunchback of Notre Dame but I can put your baby to sleep) more skipping with exaggerated knees and start using the lat pull down bar so I can attempt to do my first pull up. Ack! Gotta make sure I have some guns for my IsaBody challenge after shot!

Those of you in Spokane… I am having a Isagenix Tasting Party at my house on Tues, Dec. 28 at 6pm. We will be starting a Group Cleanse on Jan 10. This is a perfect opportunity to start 2011 off with a bang. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and taste the product. Quit thinking about it and just get off the computer and call me, text me, email me and tell me you are coming. I want you to try Isagenix. Yes, YOU. I want you in my Inner Hippie club. Peace.