Isagenix Recovery Drink

My Recovery Drink I am going to try out this week.

1 Scoop IsaPro
1 Scoop IsaCalcium
1 Scoop Want More Energy


I was chatting with Jolene who got me started with Isagenix and her is some helpful information she gave me.

When we exercise really hard we tear muscle tissue, a by-product of torn muscle tissue is lactic acid.  This by-product is what causes muscle soreness.  Whey protein is the best source of brand chain amino acids.  Isagenix Whey Protein Concentrate (found in IsaPro and IsaLean Shakes and Soups) has 18 essential branch chain amino acids.  These are the only thing that can help repair torn muscle.  Of course our protein is grade 7, this is pharmaceutical grade, can’t be found anywhere but Isagenix.  The other important thing to keep in mind is that we have the world patent on freeze dried enzyme technology.  This patented delivery system speeds those amino acids directly to the cells, making our protein 80% bioavailable (available for use by the cells).  Other protein powder doesn’t stand a chance against Isagenix because of the fact that we have the enzyme technology and the full complement of branch chain amino acids.

My recommendation for athletes or anyone who has a hard workout as a recovery drink is: 1 scoop IsaPro, 1 scoop WME, and 1 scoop IsaCal.

IsaCal is Calcium and Vit D  Because Calcium is a BiCarbonate it will help buffer some of the lactic acid build up in the muscles and can help with delayed onset muscle soreness.

Ionix Supreme is also a must for athlete, 1 oz in the morning  and one before bed.  This rich mineral drink has over 200 adaptogenic herbs, minerals and vitamins.  All essential for oxidative stress caused by working out and the by-products of exercise.

Of course cleansing is key because without a clean liver and organs, athlete’s can’t reach their peak performance.  So they need a one or two day cleanse.  This will help the entire system of Isagenix to do its best work. This is essential.


Jolene Fisher, MS, ATC, AT/L





Crown over Patron?

Hello Monday! How is the internet world today?

I woke up this morning and started my week off with P90X: Core Synergistics. I really hate this DVD but I got er done. Did I tell you I really hate that DVD? I then went in to do my weekly weigh in and monthly measurements.

My weight, you ask? 154.5 I have been at this stinking weight for 3 weeks now and its really beginning to piss me off. I always have this holding pattern at 155 lbs. every single time I have lost the weight. Something about the number 155. I have been looking and analyzing my Body Bugg info and this is what it is telling me. My daily average calorie burn is around 2200 cal. I average around 1400 cal. daily. ((These are averages people. I still drink beer and I still go out to eat.)) I should be losing according to the Body Bugg gods and I am not.
I am assuming at this point that I am not eating enough and my body is looking for energy to burn. I am going to try eating more this week and adding in a recovery drink and see where it takes me. Do you have any suggestions internet world?? Help me. Leave a comment. Something.

I took my measurements too….I am LOVING my measurements and my added 3 pts. in Lean Body Mass. You want to see them don’t you?

This AMAZING Monday I also did one more thing that I don’t “normally” do. I had a friend take the littles to her house and instead of shopping and getting a mocha, I went to the gym. I even premeditated the situation and brought my workout clothes with me. I got my run in (Week 2: C25K) and I saw some dude rob the liquor store next door. He came out with Crown and yes, he was running my friends. Now why would you rob a liquor store for Crown when you can get Patron?

Menu Plan Monday


The sun today was my inspiration. The beach, BBQ’s, Swimming, Camping, Bike Riding and Slip n Slides… my ode to summer.

Monday: Cleanse Day: Tuna Casserole, French Bread
Tuesday: Chicken with Pineapple Sauce over Rice, Stir Fry Veggies
Wednesday: Soup (Freezer) French Bread, Salad
Thursday:  Carryover: BBQ Sandwiches with salad of some sort but I really want fresh corn on the cob.
Friday: Make your Own Pizzas
Saturday: Carryover:  Strawberry Crepes
Sunday: Cleanse Day: Kids- Chicken Penne Pasta with Alfredo Sauce


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