Unshowered and Lovin It.

Here is a photo of my unshowered, sweaty  self. I made it back to the gym this morning with my bum knee and all. I need to try out the elliptical and see if my knee would give me problems. You know what? It didn’t but walking over to stretch did. WTH? I’m going to give myself a week and if it continues I will be hitting the PT again. Yippie!

On the flipside I lost that holiday 5 lbs. and added another for good measure. What did I do, you ask? I cut the coffee (empty calories, empty wallet), beer, crackers and dips from the holidays. I also went back on program with vengeance!

I am cleansing today and Korey is home which always makes me want to go out to dinner BUT I have a yummy week of dinners to look forward to. Wish me luck, I have to go grocery today on my second cleanse day. I should have a years worth of dinners planned out by noon. Ha! Have an awesome day today internet world.


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