Get in my belly.



Here are a few things I know.

1. Thank God for IsaLean Shakes for keeping my calories down while I am doing this “Quit Smoking” thing.
2.  I have a new love  Tazo Vanilla Rooibos tea and when I have extra calories to burn the latte with soy milk and vanilla flavoring. Heaven I tell ya.
3. I am not a fast runner.

2nd Day of my Couch to 5K program and it was a little tiny bit better than yesterday. Towards the end of my 20 minutes I figured I could visualize to keep myself from looking at the screen.  I visualized running from a bear. ((Why a bear? I don’t freaking know! Thats what came to me))  So I am visualizing and things are going well until I realize I am working my butt off and I still have 15 sec. left.


….So lets just say I am running for distance and not for time.

Hippies have a great weekend and call me to get some Isagenix working in your body.


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