Crown over Patron?

Hello Monday! How is the internet world today?

I woke up this morning and started my week off with P90X: Core Synergistics. I really hate this DVD but I got er done. Did I tell you I really hate that DVD? I then went in to do my weekly weigh in and monthly measurements.

My weight, you ask? 154.5 I have been at this stinking weight for 3 weeks now and its really beginning to piss me off. I always have this holding pattern at 155 lbs. every single time I have lost the weight. Something about the number 155. I have been looking and analyzing my Body Bugg info and this is what it is telling me. My daily average calorie burn is around 2200 cal. I average around 1400 cal. daily. ((These are averages people. I still drink beer and I still go out to eat.)) I should be losing according to the Body Bugg gods and I am not.
I am assuming at this point that I am not eating enough and my body is looking for energy to burn. I am going to try eating more this week and adding in a recovery drink and see where it takes me. Do you have any suggestions internet world?? Help me. Leave a comment. Something.

I took my measurements too….I am LOVING my measurements and my added 3 pts. in Lean Body Mass. You want to see them don’t you?

This AMAZING Monday I also did one more thing that I don’t “normally” do. I had a friend take the littles to her house and instead of shopping and getting a mocha, I went to the gym. I even premeditated the situation and brought my workout clothes with me. I got my run in (Week 2: C25K) and I saw some dude rob the liquor store next door. He came out with Crown and yes, he was running my friends. Now why would you rob a liquor store for Crown when you can get Patron?


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