Keep on Movin On

Hi Internet,

I have been MIA for awhile trying to figure out this whole lifestyle change thing. I have started to lose weight again after a month long “Plateau” period. It was so stinking hard to get up at 5am and sweat my ass off for an hour and look at the scale NOTHING for a month. I did find out my Lean Body Mass went up and people kept commenting on my weight so I stuck with it and 2 weeks ago a loss and this week I lost again. Whoot! Whoot!

Am I still doing Isagenix? YES! and I just love the stuff. I have started to cleanse every 2 weeks because I need the extra calories in my system. I love that I can use the product as a recovery drink or supplement my diet for calcium and protein and I know I am getting the best food possible on the market. I also am continuing with my Body Bugg and logging in my daily food intake. This has been a instrumental tool for me. I have found out that I do burn quite a bit of calories folding and putting away laundry, walking the kids to school and doing the weekly grocery. I also found out that doing my job and working on the computer  is just like sleeping. I gotta find a different profession if I want to keep this weight off!

I finished month 1 of P90X and am starting month 2 today. I am noticing my core strength and a little definition here and there. I am also getting better at some of the moves and doing things (aka. jumping jacks for a full minute)  that I was not doing before. I am so excited that I made it a full month. Cheers!


As for running, I gotta keep on movin on. I am running at 4.7 and walking at 3.7  (this is super duper S.L.O.W.). My goal this month is to walk at 4 and run at 5. This goal for a person who has NEVER ran a minute in her life this is HUGE. I am all crazy sweaty and I just started sweating through my shirts for the first time ever! Wanna see?


Thats all I have on my mind for the moment. You can follow my workouts here if you are interested.  Everyone have a great week and Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you! Thanks for reading!


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