Switching it up.

I did it! I am running at 5mph!

See me in all my sweaty glory?

I know. I know.
A whole 5 mph.
Boy, Carrie don’t hurt yourself.

But you know what it is a huge deal for me. I never thought I would be able to run this fast and feel comfortable. I have let my fear of  another asthma attack scare me my whole life. Therefore, I didn’t run. I got a little older and added 2 ACL reconstructions to the list and it made a perfect excuse for myself. Then I got this crazy idea to run Bloomsday before I die and now I am taking each day as it comes and moving slowly to a goal I never dreamed possible for me. I have come to realize that I can’t run all of Bloomsday this year but next year I WILL.

I also have the need for something to keep the beads of sweat from my face as I run because I am finding that sweat is gross. Today I  worked out hard enough to feel truly like a hippie. I was a salty, stinky, sticky mess and I was proud of it.  (hense, the above photo) I needed to shower after my workout and that was a new experience too. Showering and sweat flying off me  is a GOOD thing.

You guys all know that I am doing P90X and getting some great results. I have been using the program for over a month now and truly love it. My weight however, hasn’t budged. I have had a month of bitching, cleansing, researching and fighting with my BodyBugg. I need to go in a different direction until I get the rest of my weight off. My body doesn’t know to keep the fat or lose it because of the muscle I am gaining. So for now, I am putting away P90X until I get down to my goal weight. I am struggling because I hate to put a goal on hold but I will come back to this one in due time. I love P90X.

The month of March will be Cardio, Cardio and more Cardio. I will be finding the perfect balance of snacks for my body between the workouts. A little cleansing here and there and some shakes to make me happy.

I leave you a little inspiration that I have been thinking about lately. Thanks Pam.


When we fail to do the one thing we should do,
we have no time for anything else.


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