the post i don’t want to write.

I have no idea why I post to this blog, let alone let it post to Facebook so everyone can see my business. I am hoping somewhere along the line God will show me why I am obsessed with blogging about my journey. I am hoping to inspire and motivate  you. I want you to know that I am not this super human being and I am trying to do the best I can with what I have. That being said.

I quit smoking again. 4 days ago.

There. I owned it. I am moving on.

Since I first posted, I had a good month under my running shoes. I was off  the wagon for a few weeks and quit again. I had 2 weeks going for me and then we had to put our doggie down. Poof! Off the wagon again. That quick. I have learned some of my major triggers and I am trying to work through them and make them easier as time goes on. It is and always will be a process for me. Thank you, Kristina for being my inspiration to quit once again.

I also have been in a funk since I quit P90X. I lost my mojo. I have been frantically looking for something to fill that 5-6am void that I had become accustomed to. Exercise TV wasn’t cutting it and I found out I really like Jillian Michaels but I can’t do the same freaking workout everyday. I have been doing NOTHING for 5 days.
I have been wallowing in my own self pity and denial.
I have not been productive and I have entirely been a…
eat a lot of calories
hot mess.

I decided I needed to cleanse to get back on track. (I always find my focus while cleansing) I am in the process of the 9 day cleanse. Day 4 and I feel back to normal and made it back to the gym today. I have my mojo back and I am ready for the next 40 days.  I found Chalene Johnson and started to work on the “organized” side of my goals. (Which is an amazing program, BTW) She also created a cardio series called TurboFire. I just got the new DVD set in the mail today and will start the process tomorrow. I have 6 weeks before Bloomsday and the end of the IsaBody Challenge. I need to FOCUS now more than ever.

So there you have it. Its all on the table.
40 days…well 37 to be exact before Bloomsday. I am going to “try” and say something motivating on a daily basis until then. If not, I am a work in process and everyday I get better and better (as Deanar would say in Zumba!) Goals you ask?? I am in a new decade, I hit the 140’s for weight! and running? I am running at 5.1 and walking at 3.8!


“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”



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