Just for today.

Things I learned about myself this week.

I really dislike core exercises.

Roads are “harder” to run on than the dready (treadmill).

When you push yourself, you may feel like your going to puke but just for a little while.

Don’t step on the scale a day after a hard workout. You will gain 2 lbs.

Wind is good but hard on the lungs.

If you do multiple workouts in one day and burn over  3000 calories. The last workout your body gets really cold and you can’t get warm.

When you push yourself, your stomach muscles feel like you have done a zillion sit ups.

Running outside is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

If you are starving after a hard workout don’t eat everything you can find. You will end up with a major belly ache.

Zumba workouts vary depending on your instructor.

I can’t spell exercise to save my life.

This week was full of “firsts” for me as you can see. Learning all about nutrition and working out and what my body really can do if I just let go for a minute. I stepped on the scale this morning after doing a 2 hour Zumbathon last night. I had high hopes of an awesome loss but I was quickly squashed into dog poo. Up 2 lbs. it said.


I just worked my butt off this week TurboFire 6x, Gym  3x, Zumbathon and watching what I put into my pie hole!!


I think I threw my scale under my bed.  I made myself some coffee. I was trying to figure out WHY when my body is so freaking sore  and I have accomplished so much this week that I am so angry with the scale?  Its just a number. Right?
I needed something to change my mood. I know I worked hard and I know I deserve credit. I connected with my inner hippie this week and I wanted to feel it. Damn it. I went into my closet and searched for my jeans. The jeans you KNOW you have in your closet. The cute butt jeans. The skinny girl jeans. The jeans. You even have the perfect picture of you in “the jeans”. I was going to try on the jeans.

and you know what?


they “slipped” on!

and I could put my whole hand in my pocket (comfortably)

and they say “Lucky You” over the crotch.

and I haven’t been able to fit in them for 7 years.




I am euphorically in touch with my Inner Hippie and my scale for today, can suck it.


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