Menu Plan Monday

Hi Everyone!
Busy weekend and I am a little crazed today. Need to get to the grocery store for some meat and really don’t feel like being Martha Stewart this week. I am hoping to finish up the 7 loads of laundry and maybe get some TurboFire in this afternoon. (Princess R was puking last night so I took the opportunity to sleep in.) Have a great Monday, everyone!

Monday: Princess T’s Birthday. Burger King it is!
Tuesday: Leftovers. Mama needs a break.
Wednesday: Spaghetti, Salad and Sourdough bread.
Thursday: Breakfast (Pancakes, Hashbrowns, Waffles, Cinnamon Rolls, Eggs. Whateva)
Friday: Lemon Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, Corn, Salad
Saturday: Egg Salad Sandwiches, Baked Beans
Sunday: Mom’s House for Easter Dinner

**This is just an idea of my week. I let myself pick and choose between the days. Some days I might just order a pizza. I rebel against to much structure. For more ideas visit this junkie.


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