I need another fix.

I haven’t done jack since Bloomsday. I have been soaking in all my glory and hard work and making lots of excuses for myself. I stopped TurboFire last week on Weds. to prepare and rest my body for the race. Yep, haven’t done that either. I figure you know I lost 4 lbs. last week. I just put in 15  miles why not take a little time off.

and THAT is where it starts.

I stop doing the exercising and eating clean because I feel comfortable. I am happy with my skinny jeans and happy with the comments and happy with the goal I set for myself. Time to take a break, I deserve it. Then all of a sudden, its summertime and beer and BBQs and life. Fall comes and this is where I say I’m pregnant and I don’t have to worry about anything for a good year and a half ((breastfeeding, you know)). Baby comes and from then on out it is pure survival until I consistently get 6 hours a sleep a night. This is just a small glimpse of my life the last 9 years except this time I don’t get the baby excuse. The excuse will be me…. comfortable me.

This time I have to do something new and change that thought process. I made it to the gym today excited to push myself for a new goal. I got on the treadmill and WHAM! I hated it. I was tired. I didn’t want to workout and push myself. I already put in my “time” ya know. I liked running with my 56,000 friends. I liked the sunshine and I liked Korey running next to me. Now, I’m on this dreadmill running frantically and getting nowhere. Let’s just say my inner hippie had officially left the building.

This afternoon I am going to find my 5K race and write it down. I am going to schedule a 9 day cleanse and get back on track. I have been using Isagenix consistantly since I started but I have been using the products for maintenance lately. ((a shake a day/ Natural Accelerator / Deep Cleanse 1x a month)) I need to refocus and stay on track. I still have a ways to go… I am not at my goal weight yet, nor running a mile ((let alone 3)) and I have tons of things I want to do with this blog.

I have to change my habits if I want to change. This one just slapped me in the face today and I need to figure out how to overcome it without getting discouraged. I’m not really sure how this looks yet. How do I reward myself for my hard work but keep moving forward? I need to satisfy my hippie. I’m coming down from the high of Bloomsday and I need another fix.


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