Inner Hippie Before & After Shots

Take a deep breath Carrie. Breathe in and out. In and Out. You are about to post your before pics. Shit, do you really want to do this? on Facebook? What the hell are you thinking? Have you lost your mind? Well, I sorta have a little but that is for a different post. Focus. Focus. First, grab a SkinnyGirl. Ok. Here we go…

and sheesh you want measurements too? (I need another drink)


Stopped using the BodyBugg and looking for a Garmin. My latest measurements are here.

May 2, 2011

Weight: 140  Chest: 36    Upper Arm: 10    Waist: 33    Hips: 35.5     Thighs: 20.75

There it is in the black and white.

Did Isagenix help me lose the weight? Yes.

Is Isagenix magic and you don’t have to do anything? No.

Isagenix has been part of my backbone in this process that I started in October 2010. I use the product to support my lifestyle. Its hard for me to eat organic on a daily basis when I am running around with the offspring. Isagenix fills that void. I use the product to get my daily vitamins, minerals and antioxidants not to mention the protein and calcium. I cleanse because it clears my mind, kind of like an anti-depressant. It gives me focus and helps me get a clearer vision for my goals. I have indescribable energy the weeks following a cleanse. This helps me with my workout schedule and my running goals.

Isagenix will help you lose weight but you need to put in the time. You need to schedule time to yourself to get active and participate fully in what you are putting into your mouth. You need to stop making excuses for yourself and the time you don’t have. The voice, your inner hippie is there and you need to stop and listen. I did. I went all hippie and didn’t eat for 2 whole days. I repeated this for months. The madness. I found myself. I found me. I stopped and listened to my inner hippie. Thanks buddy.


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