I feel summer creeping in…

What in the hell do you non-smokers do to freaking relax?? I have been working hard on my little bugs cake today. I will be in the garden and outside working in the coming of weeks. All I freaking want is a cigarette. All I know since I was 15 years old. My parents would have a smoke to relax. Its all I know and now I deserve a reward. Chocolate has calories, so does beer. Cigarettes nothing. Just pure pleasure. Lets channel Joplin for a minute…

She is enjoying her smoke. Man, I wished I lived in the 60s. Smoking in the bars, in the restaurants and no care in the world because it was the norm. Ignorance is a virtue. Anyways, I would buy an electronic cigarette but then I would look like this…

I prefer Janis and a real smoke. For now.

53 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes and 52 seconds and I have felt a good 50% of that this last week.

Now to bed before I head down to the store and grab a pack of Marlboro’s and sit on my front porch and smoke half  a pack because I feel like I have been denied a relaxing day. Then, I  will smoke them like Janis with my sunglasses on and dancing around the front lawn, of course. When will this craziness end?


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