Back to Day 2.

Yep. I caved.
I had a few drinks.
CeCe my altar ego came to play and I had a cigarette.
I rolled around in them.
I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then came the next day.

The trigger. I knew “the trigger” and followed the little white rabbit. I actually was feeling momentum with 53 days under my belt and now I feel like I am digging my way out of the hole again.

I am going to get this and try a new way. I am going to order the e cigarette and not have any nicotine included with it. I think for me, it is the hand to mouth action. (Asthma=Inhaler=Relief, Drinking=Smoking=Relax, Tom Petty = Marijuana= Amazing) I will have this for back up. Camping is coming. I need something around those campfires.

I went running today and cursed myself the whole time. I felt it all in my chest and I think I was blowing out the extra smoke in my lungs from Saturday night. It sucked. I did it but it sucked and I really don’t want to be there again. I washed all my naughty clothes, aired out the garage. Back on the wagon. I learned from this and here is to Day 2. Again.


3 thoughts on “Back to Day 2.

  1. Lovin’ your visual : ) The key is knowing your triggers and finding ways around them – easier said than done though – I know. I’ve had a hell of a time this week, let me know when you find a good substitute that helps you to relax. I think that has been the biggest thing I’ve been missing….

    Keep it up, you can do it!

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