Garden Rookie.

Yes. I have gone AWAL. Lets define AWAL…

For the acronym meaning “Absent Without Authorized Leave”, 

Nope. I was not authorized to stop blogging for a month now but I kinda roll like that. I fell off the wagon and hit the ground hard. I have been trying to pull myself up and dust myself off. It all started with taking a week off from everything and it turned into a month. The month has gone on and the old voice in my head is back telling me that THIS is how I roll. This is how I am so just come to grips and move on. You know, something inside of me has changed and I am not content with that attitude but now I just am being plain lazy. I miss having the extra energy during the day and the satisfaction at night before I lay my head down to sleep. Why does this part have to be so hard?


I start thinking… I know, don’t hurt yourself.

I should be newly pregnant right now or trying (which is always a great hobby in the springtime). This year will be my first year that I won’t be pregnant in 9 years. Nine years of getting ready for a baby, feeding a baby,  watching my belly grow, eating what I want, breastfeeding, and this year the door is closed. I am fully content with the family I have created and I thank God everyday for 2 blues, 2 browns, 2 girls, 2 boys and the craziness that goes with each and everyone of them. But… I need to grow something.

Thats it.

A Garden.

Hippie? Yes. Organic? Yes.
and a garden doesn’t wake me up in the wee hours of the night… PERFECT!

Now I needed a plan and I was a bit late getting everything together. The boxes needed to be made (Thank you to my fabulous hunky husband). I needed to mix the dirt and buy seeds and oh shoot, it doesn’t matter cause I was making a GARDEN!

The plans…

I am using the Square Foot Garden method in hopes of less work. God knows I have enough on my plate. If you have a garden and this plan looks totally wrong please email me. I am learning and I need some gurus with me. Hold my hand and whisper sweet nothings into my ear. From here Korey built me some fabulous boxes and the kids needed to help pack down the first half of the garden soil.

the first 2 are finished and the grids are placed. Ready to plant.

We had some leftover bark from the kids play area so we used it around the boxes. I transplanted my strawberries from the front yard and got some real nasty starts from a local nursery for my Walla Walla onions. (I should have been planting onions about a month ago. I couldn’t find onion starts anywhere) This is my wilted garden that I am so very proud about. I know, we should call this Year of the Wilted Garden and add a .com for good measure.

I then planted my pumpkins, zuchini, spinach, cantaloupe and green beens.

King Daddy was then called to work and when he came back he built me my last 2 boxes.

Today I bought my tomatoes and peppers. I also found out I missed the boat on the potatoes and garlic. I should have planted those before Good Friday. Who woulda thought?? I also planted my corn, sunflowers, broccoli, peas, cucumbers, lettuce and some Dahlias for good measure.

and LOOK! do you see?? I have pumpkins!

So you see. I am in what you call “therapy” right now. My hippie has taken a break and moved on to creating things. I need to grow something and use my hands. I need to feel the earth and that makes me content. If you see me please ask me if I have gotten back to my workout schedule and I will soon. I just need to ride this high a little longer.



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