Grocery List Obsession.



I found a treasure. You see it? Up there ^

I found an old grocery list. It was just sitting in a cart waiting for me to pick it up. ¬†Leftover grocery lists and little to-do notes make my heart skip a little. I love that little glimpse of a different life and their priorities. Life’s little treasures.


Project Carrie Get Off Your Ass

Day 2.

How am I feeling? um. Ouch.

Day 1: C25K. I thought I had this in the bag. Ya right. 15 minutes in and I thought I may just fly off the treadmill or die. That was pretty much that day. 15 minutes of pure bliss.

Day 2. Woke up and was SORE. 15 minutes. Really? Well I guess that means I should hit the gym and do an advanced stair step class. Bah wah ha ha ha! I think I just did a whole lifetime of squats today. One hour of pure bliss.

Tomorrow: make No-Bake Cookies.