Shut Up and Blog

I took on a challenge from Shut Up + Run. She wants to know how I spend my day. I forgot all about the challenge until this morning. Yep, story of my life. I grabbed my cell phone (hense the blurry pictures), didn’t get my workout in (hit the alarm to many times) and had Bow Wows in a Blanket for dinner. Egh. You get the gist.

My day started around 6:30am when the creatures beckoned me from my slumber. MOM! IkeMan is h-u-n-g-r-y. (When in doubt, play the baby card). I hopped in the shower, got ready and came out to make breakfast. I usually turn on some dance music at this time and make their lunches. They like to dance with me.

Kids dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, shoes on and we are out!

My breakfast of champions. Isagenix + Coffee.

at the dentist office. Yes, they have a big toy in there! Pretty awesome, huh? Mama, YaYa helping IkeMan with his shoes. I got out of there with 4 good reports. Score!

Ran and dropped off 3 creatures to school and we went grocery for Lego Boys birthday. Yep, he is missing his shoe. Its WinCo. I fit right in!

Took a drink of water and it ended all over me. (This happens all the time! I may need to see some sort of therapist) I should have done this before going into WinCo.

Had to stop and take a picture of our tree. It stays this red and purdy for about a week and the leaves fall. Must capture the moment. Lunch came and went and now it was time to bake the cake and make some frosting. The best part. Licking the beater.

Kids down for a nap and now off to my appointment with StateFarm. (Some chick hit my Tahoe while trying to PULL INTO a parking spot. I came out of the store and she was trying to rub out the dent. I asked her for her insurance card and she gave me a business card.) Boy, that looks like a fun office to work in.I deserve a coffee!Kids are home. Time to make dinner and give spelling tests.Dinner done and out the door. YaYa has cheerleading practice. I also need to stop by Toys R Us and make sure the said Lego set is available for Lego Boys birthday. (It was and I scored $25 worth of free stuff. Thank You BRICKtober!)

Duck, Duck, Goose after cheerleading practice.Home for bed. I don’t have to brush teeth tonight. Thank you fluoride gods! Victory!
Bear Rides with vampire teeth!I’m going to end this day with some hot spiced apple cider, hang out with the big kahuna and maybe even get a couple pages in of my book.

Night all. Peace.


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