Fears with Bells On.

I signed up for another race. It is all about the outfit people. I wanted to wear jingle bells and striped leggings. I signed up and started shopping for my cute little outfit then it hit me. IT MIGHT BE SNOWING HERE!

Here it comes…. What do I wear in the cold? What if my asthma acts up and I can’t breathe? What if it is snowing? What if there is snow on the ground? I’m going to fall. I am going to blow my ACL again. I’m already dreaming of surgery and going through physical therapy. I’ve gained back 20 lbs. WHAT HAVE I JUST GOTTEN MYSELF INTO???

“They” say that you are to face your fears and not run from them. Who are “they” anyways? I will be running smack into my fears and lets just hope I don’t hurt myself.



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