Workout Wednesday

^^ I need a cool little header up there. I better get on that^^

My goal this week is to get through the week. My C25K runs are getting longer and longer and that is freaking me out a little. My body feels like it is going to fall apart at the 3 minute mark. I need to figure out some positive self talk besides saying “f*ck”. I would say fudge but then I would want to make brownies.

Wednesday: TurboFire, Zumba
Thursday: C25K: Week 3, Day 2, Zumba
Friday: TurboFire, ((If the Big Kahuna is home, I may get my run in))
Saturday: TurboFire
Sunday: OFF
Monday: C25K: Week 3: Day 3
Tuesday: C25K: Week 4: Day 1

What are you doing this next week. Post your workout, I would love to know I’m not alone.


One thought on “Workout Wednesday

  1. Wed: P90X yoga- and I will hate this every minute (if I even get it worked in!! Slept in this morning, suppose to do during NAP time today with a friend! Ha! Think it’ll happen? Probably not!) Maybe Zumba tonight!
    Thurs: p90x: legs and back
    Friday: p90x kenpo
    Sat: Off day- sleeping in, hubby up with the kids!
    Sun: Starting it all over again with p90x core synergistics
    Mon: p90x cardio (I actually enjoy this one!!)
    Tues: p90x shoulder and arms

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