What happens before church.

Zumba is alive and well in the Hippie house. I always crank the music while doing the daily grind. You know, breakfast, packing lunches, pouring milk, picking up said spilled milk. You know. Anyways, the other day I had this song in my head from Zumba, it went something like this….

…I said oohhh I say baaaby it’s like Swaaaayze…… Brown Chicken brown Cow. On me. On me…

I then was told it was called Dirty Dancing by New Kids on the Block. To which I laughed out loud and continued to say “No really. I will buy you coffee. Please tell me the song, its driving me crazy.”

Yep. It WAS New Kids on the Block and I am a complete dork. Which made me even more WAY excited because I just LOVE New Kids on the Block. ((One of these days, I will whip out my NKOTB box with all my memorabilia. I can show you my Donnie doll).

Off track again. Back to the story. We dance in the morning and I mean WE DANCE. Today it was to my new found Zumba song. I bring you our morning ritual. In all my morning glory and dirty kitchen. Yes. Dorothy is already in her dress and YaYa is a star. Ike Man loves dancing in circles as do I, there is more love that way. You will see me pull up my pants for which I am grateful they are too LARGE. You will also find that I can’t dance and 2 left feet. I think thats all. Enjoy!


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