Good Job.

I got up on stage yesterday in front of 30+ amazing women and taught my first song for Zumba. Did I mention I was ALL.BY.MYSELF?

This is where things get funny with my personal goals. I am completely freaking out and all the women around me are totally not worried for me at all. I feel like I am going to hurl, I can’t think strait and I am going to DIE. They are pushing me forward.

I was in one of those places I never ever wanted to be… in front of lots of people and dancing. ((Oops. a little throw up in my mouth.)) When all was said and done and I walked off the stage I was high and wanted to do it again. Now why would I want to put myself through the same torture again? From what I have been told, this is how you know you are exactly on the right track with your personal goals. You push yourself to scared to death puking stage and then POOF! you want to do it again. Yep. Freaking Insane.

You tell people about this unrealistic awesome feat you just performed and they smile and say “Good Job.” GOOD JOB?? THATS IT? DO YOU REALIZE WHAT I JUST DID? I ALMOST DIED, I ALMOST PUKED, I LET A TON OF WOMEN LOOK AT MY BIG OL BELLY AND I SHOOK IT FOR THEM. THE HORROR!!  and you said, “Good Job?”

Yep. That where your personal goals get funny. They mean everything in the world to you. You work your butt off and get past all those inner battles you place in front of yourself. You want a bud smoked in your honor and you will most likely get a “Good Job”. This is why they are YOUR goals. YOU have to go to the scary place. YOU have to push through it and YOU get to celebrate your victories that mean the world to YOU. There is not one person on this earth that can show or give you that surreal awesome feeling of accomplishment but yourself. So when I hear the words “Good Job” I am going to replace those words with YOU F*CKING ROCK, HIPPIE! LETS DO THIS!


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