Hi Hippies!
So here is the deal. I’ve been wanting to try and “eat clean” for a while now. I have been looking through tons & tons of nutrition boards and Bodybuilding Forums, I can’t even see strait. I want to incorporate this into my everyday life. This last year I have really listened to my body. (I have HAD to with newly running and cleansing and such) I have figured out, much to my dismay, that if I eat junk I feel like junk. My workout is junk. My body starts to flop around with junk. No, not junk in my trunk… that would be a GOOD thing over here in Hippie Land. Anyways, I am a MACHINE and I need to fuel myself correctly.

I do have a goal this year to fit into a bikini and be comfortable in it. This includes an experiment I would like to try. You see, I have 4 creatures and with each one of them I gained a good 50lbs. That equals ALOT of belly stretching. I like to call the situation “My Jowls”, like a bulldog. This is what my belly looks like.

I am really curious if with the correct nutrition and strength training if I can get something somewhat close to a 6 pack. Aw hell.. it doesn’t even have to have 6 but some serious definition would be AMAZING. So here I am researching nutrition and workout programs. I have done Weight Watchers® and did great and I have had great success with Isagenix® but I want to learn about nutrition. I want to know exactly how my body will run with certain foods. I am deeply intrigued.  I did find a program that struck my fancy its called the Jamie Eason LIVEFIT Trainer. It includes meal plans, workouts the whole deal. I am going to hop on the Jamie wagon for a little while and see how it goes. I will be modifying the program to include Zumba® and running. I also will be splitting up days on and off depending on my busy mommy schedule.

Food Prep?
K. So now I need to prep my meals for the week because I need a plethora of meat aka. protein. What a process! This week I prepped brown rice w/onions & garlic, chicken picante, sliced strawberries, carrots, celery, turkey meatloaf muffins and pumpkin protein bars. I really truly hope this gets easier every week. I feel empowered already.

Workouts Scheduled?
I haven’t decided yet if I will start her workout plan this week or just focus on the food aspect of things and get my Body Pump class in. I do have Zumba scheduled in this week for 4 days and 2 days of Body Pump for good measure. I did do a 2 day cleanse this weekend and I am ready to start this week. I AM A MACHINE.


2 thoughts on “I am a MACHINE.

  1. Way to go mama!!! Now if only I can figure out my crap and get my butt in gear and find something too! 😉 Side question- how the hell do you get a pic to post in the MIDDLE of your blog?! (I’ve tried it, and came up failure there!)

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