Closing the Door.


The last couple of days I have relapsed and realized that alcohol has way more power over me than I originally thought. I had plan on what this whole treatment thing looked like and last week God showed me that my plan wasn’t going to work. I like to explain AA this way… its like walking into a teepee, an arrogant angry teen, and am surrounded by a council of old wise indians. I have a long long way to go. I need to sit down, chill out and listen.

I have decided to stop with all my freelance graphic design work in order to slow down my life. I have been doing freelance out of my house for 10+ years. God has been pulling me in another direction for years and I keep holding on. I hold on to what I am. I am Carrie, Graphic Designer. I was super proud to hold that title for 10+ years and it is scary to let go of my own gig. I just sent out my last email. My biggest client, and shut the door. I am sad.

One foot in front of the other, so they say. I have to listen to those wise indians for they hold something that I dearly want and I am ready to listen and do whatever they suggest.


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