About Me

Hello Creatures,

My name is Carrie. I am a very busy mother of 4 all under the age of 9. My husband works for Burlington Northern and is out of town most of the time. I am trying to get more organized, create a little art and lose the last of the baby weight. I’m not a writer so don’t expect much but I can promise lots of craziness and laundry.

I have a goal of running my first 5K in November 2011 (ACCOMPLISHED 11/19/11).  I have never ran a full mile. (ACCOMPLISHED 11/5/11) I have asthma and ACL reconstruction on both knees.  I am going to run without my Terminator leg braces (as I like to call them). I have lost 60 lbs and still have 20 pounds to go. Everyday I am a step closer.

April 2012: I put myself into AA and am going through the process to heal myself. I hope that sharing parts of my story can help someone else in their battle.

This is my journey to reinvent myself and I hope to bring some inspiration and motivation to you.

Thanks for reading,


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